Tooth Decay Cure

Tooth decay cureTooth decay develops as a toothache and sensitivity with the erosion of the enamel and then it progresses into the root of the tooth, which is later subjected to the profound infection. Eating carbohydrate rich food combined with unclean oral habits will prompt the growth of bacteria in mouth that leads to the formation of plaque.

Tooth decay in general refers to the detrimental effects like formation of cavities and sometimes bleeding of the gums due to the harmful bacteria like Streptococcus mutans in the mouth. At the same time periodontal abscess refers to a chronic infection in the mouth with the formation of plaque.

There are several home remedies for dental care:
  • Brushing twice daily and rinsing the whole mouth with warm water is advised by dentists.
  • Use two different toothpastes, one for the strengthening of the tooth and the other for the gum care in both morning and at night. By this way the bacterial mutants cannot affect your teeth.
  • Crushed garlic cloves or garlic oil will help in preventing the further decay.
  • Bay berry bark and vinegar will help in reducing the pain and prevent infection.
  • Gargling hydrogen peroxide after every meal will kill the harmful bacteria.
  • A paste of turmeric powder and mustard oil is known to cure all kinds of tooth problems. It will also help for the sensitivity.
  • Chewing ginger, spinach or onion reduces the pain.
  • Calcium and chlorophyll rich foods strengthen the teeth.

Water Fluoridation:

The addition of Fluorides in the necessary amounts to drinking water will help to wash off the tooth decay. Fluoride in the saliva helps in reducing the rate at which the enamel degrades. Fluorides are approved compounds, if used in the right quantities; the tooth decay can be cured fully. This is a widely used safe technique. It has become very common to add fluoride compounds to toothpastes.

The mouthwash is so efficacious that even after one rinse the subjects were seen to have a low to nil number of S.mutans for the following week. After having spent over a decade on developing this antimicrobial technology, the head researcher at oral biology, Wenyuan Shi, managed to do something that is revolutionary in oral hygiene.

The breakthroughs include the targeted elimination of only the harmful bacteria and not the useful gut flora in every human, thus maintaining the harmony of the system. Moreover it was observed to be effective over 24hours against the ordinary antibiotics whose effects wear off well before the day is up.

The limited trial is proposed to go towards public and if it proves productive it would be the first anti-cavity medicine to reach the market after fluoride.

Apart from all of these, it is a good practice to visit your dentist at least every six months for a routine checkup. Some tooth decays can be dormant and hidden until it manifests into a full-fledged chronic infection .In such cases there would be no cure but to do root canal surgery.

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