Tooth Pain Relief

Tooth Pain ReliefTooth pain, it's the pain in the teeth or jaws that occurs by the reaction of the nerves inside the tooth's pulp chamber. It is usually caused due to some dental conditions like dental cavity, a cracked tooth, exposed tooth root or gum disease. So everyone should be aware about how to relieve tooth pain.


Major symptoms of Tooth pain are tooth ache, bad breath or foul taste in the mouth, black, brown, white or gray spots on the teeth, loose fillings, broken teeth which is very sensitive to tooth pain. The pain may increase while eating sweets, hot or cold foods and chewable food and even while brushing the teeth.

If the tooth is sensitive to Hot or Cold foods and liquids and the pain continues only few moments, then it's understood that it doesn't have any serious issues and it's caused by a small area of decay in a tooth. It can be avoided by having the teeth clean by making it free of bacterial plaque.

If a deep pain occurs while biting food then it's due to decay, a loose filling or a cracked tooth. If it occurs then see a dentist to diagnose the problem before the pain hurts more. For these types of problems, dentists usually remove the decay and replace the loose fillings and even if it continues, your dentist will send you to endodontist who will perform the root canal treatment.

If the tooth pain is not treated properly, then it may lead to impaired chewing, tooth loss, social impairment, gum disease and severe infections and may even lead to necrosis that affects the bone at the apex of the root. So it is best to take tooth pain remedy during the starting stage itself.

Remedies for Relieve Tooth Pain:

The best prevention device for tooth decay is your saliva since it reduces the acid damage to the teeth by moving away the sticky, sugary substance from the mouth that enhances bacteria. The minerals that are present in saliva may help to repair the tooth.

Some home remedies for tooth pain are, keeping the bread dipped in olive oil or sesame oil in the affected area which may give some relief. Rinsing the mouth frequently with sesame oil for 2 minutes may also reduce the pain and if you have minor pain, then it can be removed by rinsing the mouth with hot water mixed with salt.

Sometimes tooth pain may be caused as the symptoms of diseases caused by heart, ears and sinuses. Some patients with angina may have tooth pain as their only symptom for heart problems. Infections in ears may also cause pain around the teeth or jaws.

Be aware of tooth pain and try to identify the tooth pain as early as possible, correct dental care may minimize the side effects of the tooth pain. If a tooth become sensitive or swollen, a proper treatment is required. So always feel free to examine your teeth to dentist and be healthy.

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